Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Start out by making 24 chocolate cupcakes with store-bought cake mix, as instructed on the box. Then do decorate them with these cute turkeys, follow the instructions below.

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What you’ll need for the decorative part:

  • Nutter Butter cookies
  • Store bought chocolate frosting
  • Bag of mini Chocolate Chips
  • 2 Packages of Fruit Roll Ups (assorted would be best so you can get all the colors for the feathers)
  • 1 box of toothpicks
  1. For the turkey body, push the lower portion of a Nutter Butter cookie into a frosted cupcake.
  2. Place tiny dabs of frosting where you want the eyes to be and stick a mini-chocolate chip and red fruit leather wattle (cut this out of a fruit roll up).
  3. For the turkey’s tail, use a knife to cut out a dozen feather shapes (about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide) from the fruit roll ups, assorted colors would be best.
  4. Lay 6 of the feather shapes on a flat surface and place a wooden toothpick lengthwise atop each so that one end of the toothpick extends about an inch below the feather. Layer another fruit leather feather layer atop each of the 6 shapes, sandwiching the toothpicks between them.
  5. Push the two layers together to make them stick, then fringe the edges of the feather with a knife. Then stick the colored feathers into the cupcake behind the cookie head.